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What is Puppet Combo?

A game studio inspired by 80's vhs era horror, slasher movies, and retro low-poly survival horror games. Puppet Combo is the continuation of Pig Farmer Games. Why has the name changed? Because there are registered Trademarks that are similar to Pig Farmer Games & Pig Farmer Productions.

How many people develop the games?

Mostly me at the moment but also get help from musicians, writers and voice actors

What are your plans for Power Drill Massacre?

I said a while back I was going to update the graphics and gameplay but I've changed my mind. It doesn't make sense to turn it into an entirely new game. So my current plan is to fix the controls and the AI, add another area or two and release that version as the full game.
I may make a sequel one day but there are other games I'd like to make first.

What happened to Sanitarium Massacre, Splatter Camp, A Monster with Eyes of Ice?

Unfortunately I was not able to finish them. I'm learning game design as I go and making a lot of mistakes in the process. I've announced games prematurely and then down the line realized they were too complicated or costly to complete. Or I lost interest.
I don't expect any of them to be finished. Sorry. In the future I will not announce games far ahead of time

When will the game be finished?

I wish I could tell you but I don't know. I tend to be extremely disorganized, especially when it comes to dates so it's almost impossible for me to estimate. Sometimes I think something will be finished in a week or a month and it takes years. I honestly have no idea until the day it's actually released.

Another question? Contact info?

Email ben [at] puppetcombo.com

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