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How do you install the games on Windows?

I have made a infographic that goes through the process step by step. Click for a larger version:

How do you install the games on Mac?

You basically follow the same steps as the Windows installation above. If you have trouble opening the .zip file, please try The Unarchiver which will allow you open it.

I'm getting an 'Application can not be opened' error on Mac

Puppet Combo games used to run fantastically on Mac but Apple has recently made changes to purposely block software that doesn't come from their app store.

This youtube video may help with getting the games to run:

If this method does not work, I would suggest installing Windows directly on your Mac, to play Puppet Combo games and more. It's a good idea anyways. Here are links and methods to get to started: Run Windows or Windows programs on your Mac

One of the games crashes when starting or after a few minutes.

This usually happens with The Glass Staircase or The Riverside Incident. Selecting a lower quality (on the start up dialogue box) seems to fix this.

Babysitter Bloodbath crashes or will not start.

On modern verisons of Windows, the game requires DirectPlay. It will not run without DirectPlay. Please follow the instructions here:

Also try installing any Windows updates or service packs. I can't help update your Windows PC directly because I'm not Microsoft support and I'm not trained or knowledgable in this area. But searching online for 'How to Install/Fix DirectPlay' should provide you with plenty of videos and instructions to follow.

The Night Ripper is stuck on a black screen.

Pressing P or O will clear the screen.

How do you escape from the Night Ripper?

Tap the left mouse button to pump up your staminia while running. If your staminia gets too low, you'll slow down and get stabbed to death.