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Join my patreon to download THE NIGHT RIPPER (2017) As the “Night Ripper” terrorizes the city, Rachel must walk home alone after work. But a short trip goes astray when the streets are cordoned off due to another slaying and she's forced down a back alley. Unfortunately for her, the Ripper isn't done for the night. Night Ripper VHS

VHS cover art by the great Markus Bülow Music by Nick Bassett and Protector 101 The Night Ripper is a return to form for Puppet Combo. In 2015, I drifted away from the low-poly 5th gen look towards high-res, modern graphics. The idea being that my games should look more like actual movies than PS1 games. Night Ripper is a late night odyssey through the burned out slums of 1989 New York. The obviously influence is The New York Ripper, but the game owes just as much to films like The Warriors, After Hours and Judgement Night. It is currently in Alpha (fully playable) but I plan on adding more content for a full release in Novemember 2017. $5+ patrons can download the alpha, will receive a DRM free full version and will be receiving keys whereever the game is available. Hopefully on Steam and other platforms.

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