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Join my patreon to download MEAT CLEAVER MUTILATOR (2018) -Janet is having a terrible weekend. Looking for a new gig, she drives to the city to audition for a low budget horror movie. But it seems somebody has slipped a sedative in her drink Waking up cold and alone inside an abandoned apartment building, she wonders, is this real life or just another audition?

MCM is a survival horror, stealth game I started in 2016 with code left over from a canceled update of Power Drill Massacre. It's kind of a long story. In 2015 I started updating the graphics, gameplay and storyline of PDM, transforming it into something totally different. Eventually I realized this was a mistake and the project was canceled. Rather than throw away all of my work, I used bits and pieces to put together a prototype for a new game called Meat Cleaver Mutilator. It really is the spiritual successor to that Power Drill Massacre update. The full version coming out in 2018 will take place in and around an adandoned mental asylum in Missouri. Full version previews

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