What's the best fan-made horror film you've seen?

Betamax, Laserdisc, blu-ray, dvd also welcome
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What's the best fan-made horror film you've seen?

Postby TomHorror » Fri Dec 11, 2015 7:38 pm

My personal favourite as of writing this post is "The Confession of Fred Krueger" by Rebel Rouser Comics. (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKJh5e2aVbs)

The premise is that the police have just arrested Fred Krueger, aka the Springwood Slasher. A detective is interviewing Krueger on tape in an interrogation room at the police station, and we learn about Fred's childhood, why he started killing kids, how he conceived the razor glove that he's known for etc.

The film is just over 30 minutes long and it is phenomenal. Fred Krueger is played by the brilliant Kevin Roach, and he nails the character completely. The voice, the mannerisms, the look of glee on his face when talking about child murder, it's all there. People often say that Robert Englund is the only man who can play Krueger, but Kevin Roach is damn close if not up there with Englund if you ask me.

TCoFK makes for a perfect prelude to the first Elm Street movie and the more observant will notice a few references to the Elm Street films placed throughout the movie (I don't think I've found them all yet, but I've noticed a couple of them).

Honourable mentions would be Chris R Notarile's "Tales From Elm Street" series, which is a series of 5-10 minute episodes telling a prequel story, much like TCoFK. However, Freddy in this series is different to the Freddy we see in Rebel Rouser Comics' film and the guy who plays him - Roberto Lombardi - also does an excellent job as Freddy. (link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... JhGO1P7lFA) In this series, Freddy is depicted as a man with a double life - on the outside, he is a normal everyday family man, but he has a secret life where he murders children when nobody's looking. The Freddy in TCoFK is depicted in a different way to Lombardi's version, but they are both equally powerful and despicable.

So what are your favourite fan-made horror films?

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Re: What's the best fan-made horror film you've seen?

Postby Ben » Sat Dec 12, 2015 6:18 pm

I've never seen a fan film honestly, but I'm a fan of micro budget filmmaking.
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