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2000's and 2010's Horror Films

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:37 pm
by Fear57
Just because horror has been on the decline since the 90's and fell off a cliff in 2000, that does not mean there are still some good, and even okay films out there from this time period, so here are the ones I own and can think of.

American Psycho: Released in 2000 and based off the novel with the same name, this has been giving us internet memes for over 10 years. While not a full horror film, it is a psychological thriller and a black comedy all in one. It is enjoyable, it's fun, and it has an ending that makes you question your own sanity. Oh my God, it even has a water mark. It spawned a sequel that no one liked, not even the actors that played in it liked it. On DVD and Blue-Ray.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: This surprisingly solid remake in 2003 has caused actual fist fights due to it's presentation in the opening to fool people into thinking it was real. (It did me, but I was 13 when it was released) Produced by the now awful director Michael Bay, this film does not disappoint, until it gets a little shaky in the last 15 minutes. It has no nudity, it has blood, it has language done correctly and Leatherface is fucking huge. Try it, you may even like it more than the original. On DVD and Blue-Ray along with Special Editions.

Dawn of the Dead: Released in 2004, this remake has taken everything we loved about the original and kept it! The zombies will add more terror in you because they can run. It's fast, it's gory, it's truly scary and it is a great remake at that, it may even be better than the original. On DVD and Blue-Ray.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning: A prequel to the 2003 remake. Released in 2006 it did not do as well as the previous. It does almost nothing as far as horror goes but provides interesting back stories for characters. It's actually quite boring for a bit until it picks up then goes back down to average state. An interesting start for the remake but a disappointment if you wanted more Leatherface. DVD and Blue-Ray.

Halloween: Released in 2007 this disappointing remake was made by Rob Zombie. The first half of this film is excellent. It is story driven and an enjoyment to watch, however exactly at the half way mark is where it tries to almost copy the original and it falls off a cliff. While a success in box office, Halloween fans where left with a bad taste in their mouth. Not as bad as Resurrection but still bad. DVD and Blue-Ray

Halloween II: A 2009 sequel to Zombie's film, it picks up where it left off, and is by far superior to the last. Made by Zombie, this dark and gritty film was shot with a camera that washes out the colors and adds a film grain enhancing the atmosphere. The story is a thrill ride and you'll end up hating the characters you liked in the last. Michael also says his first, and last words as an adult. A personal favorite and a damn good Zombie film at that, but a lot of people will not understand it, I'm glad I did. DVD and Blue-Ray.

I Saw The Devil: Released in 2011 this South Korean film is the text book definition of "Thrill Ride." It is as disturbing as it is brutal. The gore is over the top, the story is perfect, the pace moves at a break neck speed, and the ending is as haunting as its theme. While a foreign film, it made its way over to the U.S. where it was met with excellent reviews and box office. This is a true nerve shredder and the first movie with scenes that even I must look away. Blue-Ray and DVD.

Texas Chainsaw: This. This is where I hope it ends. Released in 2013 it is a (get this) DIRECT SEQUEL TO THE ORIGINAL! Yes, 39 years after, Hooper makes a serious sequel to his film. It picks up exactly where the 1974 film left off and this is where it goes bad. The charm is gone, everything is bad CGI and the story is fucking vomit educing. However, the last half of this film is entertaining as the story picks up. The ending makes you realize Leatherface is just protecting himself and you wish him the best, but you also wish he never comes back out on film either. Try it, you might get some entertainment out of it. On DVD and Blue-Ray.

Re: 2000's and 2010's Horror Films

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:57 pm
by Ben
Here are my top 10 out of the ones I've seen:
1. Devils Rejects
2. American Psycho
3. Session 9
4. Cabin Fever
5. Saw
6. The Strangers
7. The Mist
8. Amer
9. Triangle
10. Hostel

I'm not a big fan of the remakes but Dawn of the Dead was good. That would probably be my #11
I agree that H2 was better than the remake