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POWER DRILL MASSACRE is a throwback to PS1 survival horror, 80's slasher flicks, 
and the golden age of VHS home video. A maniac stalks you from the shadows. What
would you do if you were in a slasher film?

This version of the game is an early demo/proof of concept. It's still missing a lot of 
features. The final game will have a different story, more characters & dialogue, 
better character models, puzzle solving, larger world, and more camera choices.

POWER DRILL MASSACRE may contain disturbing images, nudity and subliminal messages. 
You must be 18 or older to download. Vague Scenario LLC. cannot be held responsible 
for any damage which may occur from use of this software. By downloading this 
application, you agree to install and play at your own risk.

Please view the Read Me file before downloading.


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